The Camping



The campground is tree-shaded, extends to the beach and covers a small surface area of 5,000 m2.
The first row of campsites on the beach is shaded primarily by matting, while the others all have natural shade.
The tall trees, along with an almost constant, delightful northwest breeze, ensure extremely pleasant temperatures that are much cooler than the heat typical of southern Italy.
The campsites are contiguous, but each one faces internal lanes perpendicular to the sea and is elevated about ten centimeters, which ensures that any rare rainfall will quickly and harmlessly wash away. Campsites have a view of the sea and enjoy a fine, constant northwest breeze.
Campsites are an average 30 m2 in size. Each campsite has an electrical outlet no more than 12 meters away that complies with CEI regulations.
During the low season, one group of restroom facilities is available to campers, with two facilities available during high season, along with free hot showers during convenient hours, and washing machines.
Each camper has the right to choose either a pay parking spot in the campground at sea level, or a free parking spot in the shaded, tended lot in the upper part of the campground, about 250 meters away on a 45 meter rise.
Quiet hours, when driving cars is also prohibited, are between


2 pm and 4 pm and 11 pm and 8 am. No permanent camping or garaging is allowed, and guests and visitors are not admitted. Dogs are prohibited in July and August, and disturbing noises are not allowed.



Map of the COSTA VERDE vacation village and campground
villaggio COSTA VERDE camping
di Pier Giorgio Terzuolo
89865 - San Nicolò di Ricadi (VV)
Tel. 0963/663090 - 335/6883090 - Fax. 0963/663792